The Demand For Sri Lanka Vacancies And Relative Supply

This is the election time in the country. You may have heard hundreds of promises. Let’s leave your political opinion aside for a moment! As a nation, can we be happy about the current position related to jobs? You could be someone who is struggling to find a vacancy. Or, you spend hours to make unsatisfactory money.

It is pretty clear that the country needs a change now. Every year, thousands of students leave schools and universities. Nevertheless, do job vacancies being created?

Sri Lanka Vacancies: The youth of the country searches for jobs to make money. On the other hand, youth is the group that drives the country. Therefore, jobs should be created for them.

On the other hand, job seekers should learn something that would get them a job. Our previous articles have explained the current trend. In some sectors, job vacancies are available, but nobody is there to accept those. In other traditional sectors, thousands of candidates demand jobs, but no vacancies.

Thus, the government or the presidential candidates should introduce an advanced plan that settles such chaos. Those words spoken on stages shouldn’t only be promises that make us vote them. They should have a real plan in their minds that would change the country within the next few years.

Country’s Economy: It is not a secret that the country’s economy is at a low level. In fact, we are below Afghanistan. Therefore, the people who vote in the next election should focus on these facts, too.

Sri Lanka vacancies are, in a way, on hold now. This is not a political opinion! You would remember the promise, “we create a million jobs for the youth!” Did they create a million jobs? Therefore, “anybody can say anything, but without a plan, it won’t happen.”

It is not only about available vacancies in the country. In Sri Lanka, poverty does exist. Thus, all citizens should get the same opportunity to live a high-standard life. Let us ask you one question! Would you ever work as a tea plucker? In Sri Lanka, the status of this particular job is low. The story is the same for many other Sri Lanka vacancies.

Such norms should change now. Every job is unique in its own way. Every worker is a contributor to the country’s development.

The government should create equality within all the sectors. As a result, we can give a value to any particular job or service within the country.

If we look at jobs in this view, we can say that many vacancies are available in the country now.

Your Qualifications: You may hold a master’s degree. Or, you are someone who did fail A-levels. However, you own unique talents. In developed countries, each of these individuals can get a high-paying job. In Sri Lanka, unfortunately, the situation is not the same.

You may hold outstanding carpentry skills. Or, you are an IT expert. If the country’s government has a true vision, then both these individuals would earn good money. Currently, thousands of youths and other skilled workers don’t have a chance for Sri Lanka vacancies. These are the factors to focus on and find solutions for today.

“No Job Company”: You would come across this on social media platforms, especially on Facebook. In a way, this is an unfortunate situation in the country. Many thousands of youth, girls and boys, equally mention this as their job status. Or, they mention Facebook as their workplace, meaning they spend or waste the whole day on Facebook.

Why can’t those individuals allocate time for making money? It would enhance their life to the next level. Social media is great, but only when you use it for good.

The parents of the youth should concentrate on such norms more. Your daughter or son can search for freelance Sri Lanka vacancies. Data Entry Operator is a job that anybody can do as a part-time member.

The Role Of The Government: If only promises, but no work? Over the past seven decades, was this the trend? Also, there’s a huge gap between the country’s private and government sectors. We can explain it with an example.

In a recent TV interview, the minister of telecommunication said that the Sri Lanka Telecom pays over 50% of the total income to their employees as salaries. Dialog Axiata, on the other hand, pays only 6% as salaries. Therefore, the country’s national telecommunication provider doesn’t make profits, but the leader in the private sector does. Whose fault is this?

The Demand And Job Supply: The government sector should create more vacancies. However, a transparent mechanism that offers jobs to qualified individuals is necessary. Moreover, no jobs should be awarded through political connections.

If the government and the private sector work according to a similar mechanism, then more and more Sri Lanka vacancies would arise. As a job applicant, you should understand all the differences that exist between the so-called sectors or industries. As our previous articles have explained, don’t focus only on traditional art subjects; the industrial and IT sectors have more vacancies for the right candidates.

Closing Thoughts: In a way, a gap does exist between available Sri Lanka vacancies and the right candidates. Therefore, we should work for an equilibrium point where both would match with each other. is an online recruiting platform that gets you to the right jobs in the country.

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