The Ultimate Guide To 12 Seater Van Hire

Are you looking for a 12 seater? If so, then you need to know the right hiring process. Anyway, the process is not rocket science, but a few factors are there to consider in the first hand. For example, the reputation of the van renter? The condition of their vehicle fleet? Also, the status of the van in terms of its luxury. 

It is a fact that a group of people over ten needs a spacious vehicle to travel. However, public transport is not a choice. Therefore, many passenger groups look for these van services today. Even though we write this general guide on this topic, you don’t need to look anywhere else! Choose us for it!

People Movers Options: Taxis, chauffeurs, and so on also fall under this category. Still, the number of passengers that those can hold is limited value. Therefore, a larger vehicle, but a comfortable one is a right choice. Anyway, Australians don’t buy such massive cars or vans. It is best you get them on a rental basis or hire it with a driver. What are the best options for large passenger group transport?

  1. 12 Seater Van Hire: Well, this is the best option and no arguments on it. A van is a vehicle that is as good as a car. The way the seats of a van are arranged lets more passengers fit in it comfortably. Moreover, you can accommodate luggage, too. 
  2. Can we think of anything else? How about minibuses? Yes, there’s a different vehicle that comes under this name. It is, in a way, a smaller version of the traditional bus. Or, some vehicle renters called the 12 seater van a minibus. A van is a better-looking and comfortable vehicle when compared to the so-called bus-type minibus. Therefore, chauffeurs and other luxury passenger transport services choose the bigger van for it. 

12 Seater Van Hire

Choosing The 12 Seater Van Hire Company: Over the past few years, the demand for vehicle hires skyrocketed in Australia. As a result, a lot of vehicle renters came under various names. The fact you should understand is this. In between those established vehicle renters, unreliable ones also may exist. Or, they crush you with tons of terms and conditions. 

  • First of all, witness their van or vehicle fleet. Anyway, you don’t have to visit them now. All will be there on the company website. But, focus on their industry reputation, too. Because anything can be on a company website today, you can get a rough idea of it by going through previous customer reviews. A quick tip: Google reviews are handier now. 
  • 12 seater or minibus rental company should own more than one vehicle from each class. Sometimes, your requirement may be transporting a large passenger group. So, a 25 seat vehicle? However, you need a bigger bus to cover that number. Or, you get two 12 seaters for it. 
  • Every 12 seater van hire company has its own set of terms and conditions. For example, you may need the van to drive yourself. So, they give you their valuable company assets in this case. Still, those terms and conditions have to be flexible ones. 
  • People movers have to be comfortable vehicles. Let’s say you plan a Melbourne tour for the whole family. Can an outdated van be the vehicle for it? Also, know their terms and conditions related to the “full tank.” 

Meet Them In Person?: Well, you don’t have to. If you follow all the steps, including online research, then you can trust their “online” word. If you look for a long-term 12 seater van hire company, then you may visit their office and come to a long-term contract. 

12 Seater Van Hire

Wrapping Up: Lion Car Rentals is your trusted vehicle renter in Melbourne. Our van hire service is more flexible and affordable. All the vans that are in our vehicle fleets are in good conditions. So, you can use them to transport VIPs and business owners, too. 

No matter the number of group of people to transport, we have enough vehicles to provide you. Contact us today for more information on our luxury people movers or minibus rentals! 

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