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During summer, many thousands of travel lovers plan trips and road tours. A considerable percentage of such travellers are from foreign countries. No matter who takes part in the road trip to enjoy and have a great time, you should plan it accordingly. Failing to plan things rightly will ruin your experience. Ultimately, your time and money wasted. 

If you are searching for a van hire service, then Lion Car Rentals is the best choice. Our vehicle fleet comprises cars, vans, minibuses, for passenger transport, and trucks for item transportation. Tips given in this article will help you plan your next road trip without any errors.

Choose The Right Vehicle: The right car or van plays a top role here. How comfortable you would be throughout the journey is a crucial factor to consider here. Also, this choice highly depends on the number of passengers and travel distant. Would you hire a car? As our previous articles have explained, you can hire cars for many travel needs. 

Van Rental Melbourne

However, for road trips, vans are the best vehicle choice. We say it with proofs:

  • Plenty of room for everyone keeps all comfortable. Even a 7-seater car can fulfil this requirement, but the issue comes when including luggage or travel bags. If you plan a 2-3-day tour, then you would undoubtedly carry travel bags; each of you all. 
  • The number of seats alone isn’t sufficient here. For example, if seven members are there in your family, and all of them take part in the trip, then all the seats of the 7-seater get occupied. 
  • Where can you place all those travel bags? You may place a few of those bulky bags in the car’s boot, but it won’t be sufficient. 

At Lion Car Rentals, we offer you our exclusive Van Rental Melbourne packages. Depending on your requirements, we can supply vans that can accommodate 6-12 passengers. A few vehicle renters called this 12-seater van “minibus.” A van always keeps you stress-free in terms of comfort and plenty of room for everyone. 

In a way, we can call this extra-large van a “moving house.” Thus, all your family members and friends drive in the same vehicle; no splits. 

If only four members join the trip, then you may consider a ute van, too. Anyway, our clients usually don’t hire it; they prefer a vehicle that holds luxury status. Therefore, Toyota Hiace van is one of the best options to consider. 

Planning The Road Trip: A robust plan keeps you on track. Thus, you have completed the rent a van step. The number of passengers confirmed. What else to plan? Once you decide your travel destination, make sure you know the stops. A road trip is not getting from point A to B. In between those two points, you will stop for refreshments, site visiting, and so on. 

During the peak season, searching for car parks is a nightmare. As a family or group, how can you be stress-free of this fact? Moreover, the road to your travel destination can be a complicated one. You live in Melbourne, but your travel attraction is in another Australian state. Thus, an expert driver who knows all those roads to other Australian states and travel destinations is your saviour. 

  • Van rental Melbourne can come in two ways:
  1. You hire a van and drive it yourself. 
  2. You hire a full package that includes a van and an experienced driver. 

Our previous articles have explained terms and conditions related to vehicle rentals; we invite you to read those posts, too. 

Leave home early. During the peak season, All Melbourne’s roads get overly crowded. Therefore, time delays are unavoidable. Some of the outdoor activities take place at fixed times. For example, the penguin parade happens after 6 p.m. Getting late for it — can you afford it? 

If you drive the van yourself, then use a road guide. Also, you can rely on Google Maps up to a certain extent. Road conditions may vary depending on the time of the day and weekends. Getting late and pushing yourself to get to the travel destination on time can lead to road accidents. Remember, safety comes first. 

The condition of the rental vehicle secures your and others’ safety. 

Why Should You choose private people movers? In Australia, the public transport sector is a developed service. However, planning road tours through those general passenger transport mean — is it practical? A vehicle on your side that takes you to your exact travel point gives you peace of mind about time delays and overcrowding. 

Refreshments: These are the fuel that keeps you fit during the road trip. To climb a hill or take part in adventurous water activities, you need energy. We advise that you choose healthy food and beverage choices for it. Avoid fried foods. Also, avoid foods that make you overly full and sick. 

A quick tip: don’t forget to take nausea pills if one of your family members has travel sickness. Having too little or more foods drain your energy down. Fruit juices, coffee, and tea keep you refreshed. Can I have meals in the van? Yes, you can, but make sure you clean after you go. The luxury van provided by the van rental Melbourne service is an expensive resource. Thus, don’t ruin it; this is not a truck hire contract!

Drink water to avoid dehydration. Summer is the peak season, but also the hottest. Therefore, you should drink fluids in ample amounts. 

 Van Rental Melbourne

What Is The Ideal Number Of Days?: This aspect depends on your requirements. If you are a foreign traveller, then you would not plan a one-day trip. Foreign travellers usually plan extended tours that last for a few days. Will the terms and conditions of the vehicle renter restrict you from planning extended tours?

Not at all! You can consider a long-term rental service in this case. For example, at Lion car rentals, we rent cars and vans on a per-week basis. Or, you can book a van with a driver for 2-3 days. Reputable vehicle renters won’t crush you with their terms and conditions. Thus, make sure you choose the right service provider in the first hand. 

The same rule applies to when you hire commercial vehicles for your day-to-day requirements. 

To make your road trip an enjoyable one, we invite you to hire us. Our van rental Melbourne service is a full-package. You can either book the van only or with a driver. For your safety and comfort, we only rent high-grade cars and vans that are in the first-class condition. A 12-seater is a sound choice for large passenger groups. 

Some Final Words: Melbourne is a city that holds many world’s famous travel attractions. When you plan a road tour to witness those, then tips given in this post will help you achieve it. 

Van rental Melbourne is the most-demanded package for road tours in Australia. Contact us today for more information! 

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