Why Is Steel Security Door So Famous?

So, what are the best doors for security? We just want our house to be a peaceful place to rest without the risk of a break-in. We also want to make our home look unique and reflect our personalities. There are so many choices for security doors on the market.

Since different steel security door fit different house facades. Three safe doors are ideally suited for security purposes: Stainless Steel Security Screen Doors, Perforated Aluminium Security Screen Doors & Standard Steel Bar Doors.

Stainless steel doors

Stainless steel mesh safety doors are considered a luxury home safety option. However, they look sleek as a new flyscreen; they provide quality security that flyscreens do not. You can’t hack mesh wire into stainless steel, just as you could cut through a flyscreen.

The black powder-coated mesh wire gives a tinted vision through the door screen. The aluminium frame can be matched to your door frame, ensuring that it is perfect for any house façade. The safety screen is also used as a front door screen or sliding door. The stainless steel mesh looks very sleek and new, providing maximum coverage.

Steel security door

Aluminium security steel doors

Perforated aluminium protective panel doors are aluminium sheets with small holes (2.20mm) perforated. These holes allow ventilation and a tinted view through the door of the screen. However, perforated aluminium screens are priced in the same way as diamond grille screen doors; they are a more modern option and provide improved coverage. The aluminium frame can be matched to your door frame.

Steel bar doors

Steel Doors give the façade of the house a more conventional appearance. Steel Doors come in multiple styles, but there is also a chance to create your own personalized version for a more unique look. Not only do these Security Doors have the appearance of strength and control, but they are also a very safe door. Steel Bar doors can be colour coordinated to your house and installed with a flyscreen or a safety net to keep bugs in place.

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