Plantation Shutters Melbourne Popular Myths Busted

There are a lot of misconceptions about Plantation Shutters Melbourne. These myths are, after all, nothing more than that. Therefore, this article will dispel four common misconceptions. And there is no truth to any of these four statements.

Myths About Plantation Shutters Melbourne Busted

Myth # 1: Plantation shutters are expensive

The cost-effectiveness of a product is a matter of opinion and relies on the buying capacity of the consumer. But most people believe that shutters are more costly than curtains or blinds. Plantation shutters in Melbourne are more costly if they are compared to blinds. About usefulness and durability, however, the additional cost of the shutters seems to be well worth it. Window blinds are little more than window décor, after all.

Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are long-term investments for your house and windows that provide many advantages. They not only look great, but they also protect your windows. Let you regulate how much heat and light enters your rooms, increase the value of your property, and endure for a long time. They also look great and trendy. As a result, from a financial standpoint, the added expenses are readily justified compared to blinds or curtains that need to be replaced periodically.

Myth #2: Plantation shutters Melbourne and blinds are the same things

Many new customers think there is no difference between plantation shutters in Melbourne and blinds. Which is a common misconception. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about them since they’re so similar in appearance. Slates and louvers are often confused, leading some to think that shutters and blinds serve the same purpose. 

The two are so unlike looks and functionality that it’s difficult to draw any conclusions from them. Take a look at the following characteristics, and you’ll see how drastically they differ:

  • Blinds don’t completely obscure the view out the window as shutters do.
  • Blinds can only block a small percentage of the outside temperature, whereas plantation shutters may block up to 30 degrees.
  • If you have a rectangle window. Then shutters are the way to go.
  • While blinds have a life expectancy of 3-5 years at best, plantation shutters in Melbourne may easily endure for more than two decades with proper care and maintenance.
  • Unlike blinds, shutters are here to stay and won’t need to be replaced for years.

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Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Myth #3: Wooden plantation shutters are the best

Having wooden shutters on your home has probably been drilled into your head a few times. This misconception has historical origins since plantation shutters were mostly constructed of wood decades ago. Aluminum shutters are the most popular choice these days due to advancements in shutter design and execution.

Shutters made of aluminum are long-lasting and attractive. They may be made to appear like wood if desired. There are some, though, who insist that plantation shutters can only be made from wood. Aluminium plantation shutters Melbourne are perfect for any contemporary house that wishes to look great. Be more energy-efficient, regulate heat and light, and increase its resale value.

Myth #4: Shutters can be installed yourself

This is a myth that’s only half true. Plantation shutters Melbourne were formerly almost difficult to set up on your own. Installing shutters, after all, necessitates knowing the exact length and angle of the windows being covered. The shutters won’t fit properly or function smoothly if the measurements are incorrect. The shutters will not function properly if the installation procedure is not properly followed. Even if you spend a lot of money and effort on the job, you may wind up with a subpar installation.

It has, nevertheless, evolved through time. You may now install shutters by yourself if you frequently do home maintenance tasks and are competent in the use of drills and other power equipment. Plantation shutters Melbourne that are ready for self-installation are available from us if you are confident in your dimensions.

Now that we’ve dispelled some common misconceptions about plantation shutters in Melbourne, it’s time to learn about the actual advantages of having them installed.

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Plantation Shutters Melbourne

1. Energy Efficiency

Plantation shutters Melbourne are very effective at saving energy, which is one of the major advantages of having them installed. This should be a key consideration for anybody looking for home renovation ideas on a budget.

Window treatments like plantation shutters save energy because they seal tightly against the window frame. This helps keep your home’s inside air from leaving and keeps outside air out. Aside from being an attractive window covering, plantation shutters also have a built-in ability to keep heat and cold out.

2. Durability

Some window coverings may degrade over time due to exposure to the sun, dust, and temperature changes. Plantation Shutters Melbourne is available in a range of materials, all of which are long-lasting. Composite shutters, for example, can withstand high humidity and efficiently resist fading and cracking thanks to their synthetic materials.

These window coverings are ideal for areas with a lot of sun exposure because of their long-lasting performance in steamy restrooms and hot kitchens.

3. Ease of Upkeep

Plantation shutters Melbourne provide energy efficiency as well as ease of maintenance. The construction of the Plantation shutters has a role in how easy they are to maintain. Because these shutters are robust and can withstand some friction. A vacuum cleaner brush attachment works well for cleaning them.

To clean them, use a towel and some dish soap. This has a benefit over other window treatments in that you won’t have to be concerned about breaking or disassembling delicate materials to clean them.

Remember that the benefits of Plantation Shutters Melbourne highly depend on the provider you choose. Don’t look for a cheap shutter supplier. Look for a reliable, reputable one in Melbourne. 

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