Common Complaints About Sri Lanka Online Shopping Sites


Shopping online in Sri Lanka has been an irresistible phenomenon. With the ever-changing online scenario, Sri Lanka is starting to be a major destination for shopping. Sri Lanka online shopping sites are flourishing with several portals, launching their new services every day.

Online shopping is a boon for customers because they can select from a large variety of products. By shopping online, people can save their time and money as they can get to their desired locations within a few minutes.

The only thing that you need to do is to choose an online portal that offers you variety. Online shopping sites also offer free shipping to your door. The online shopping portals are developing their own online website as well.

A good online shopping site in Sri Lanka would have at least one major store or outlet for almost all the common goods. You could shop from them and even purchase them in bulk. It is not only convenient for customers but it also increases the competition among the online shopping sites.

Several renowned shopping portals like Amazon, Home Shopping Network, Tiger Direct, Moniz, local stores, local agents, etc., are present in Sri Lanka. But, if you are looking for more popular online shopping portals, you will not find many of them on the Sri Lanka online shopping sites. Still, these portals are making their presence felt with their helpful customer service and quality merchandise.

On the Sri Lanka online shopping sites, you would find diverse products. The whole process of shopping is really fast and easy. So, you can visit Sri Lanka online shopping sites anytime.

Many portals offer a membership fee for their online shopping. However, this fee is affordable. The fees are fixed according to the volume of products you wish to shop for. You may even be entitled to some discounts on the price of products.

There are three major types of online shopping. These include private shoppers, PayPal, and eBay. Private shoppers are buying on their own without the need for the company’s logo. PayPal, on the other hand, is a widely used model of payment for purchasing online.


Many Sri Lanka online shopping sites are offering their services to domestic and international customers. International customers can make purchases from any country and these online shopping sites are operating from different countries. A variety of products are available at these sites that are imported from foreign countries.

Other websites like Tiger Direct, eBay, Moniz, and Maana give international buyers the opportunity to buy the products through them. There are many portals also, that offers the chance to make purchases through PayPal. Even many online shopping portals provide buyers the option to make purchases through their own sites. This is called “the wheel” and the customer does not even need to come to your home to make the purchase.

Online shopping for Sri Lanka has become popular with many popular portals. Online shopping has become a lot easier. Shopping can be done in the comfort of your own home, so there is no need to rush out to your local shopping mall, thus reducing the total travel time.

Sri Lanka online shopping sites are not only famous for their range of products, but they also offer added facilities to their clients. When you are doing your shopping online, you can click a button and your products will be delivered to your doorstep, depending on the portals. You will even be able to control the shipping cost and change the delivery method whenever you want.

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