Immigration Lawyer Melbourne Is Gone Way Too Far

It is a sad and often ironic statement to note that with the growth of the immigrant population in Australia, more Immigration Lawyer is needed as Melbourne struggles to cope with its current influx of migrants. The Melbourne Immigration Lawyer represents applicants at the Immigration and Citizenship Tribunal (ICT). On average, each Immigration Lawyer Melbourne provides ten new cases a day and is currently on a full-time basis for at least one hundred and sixty hours a week.

Recently, an Immigration Lawyer Melbourne client approached us for help when he was arrested and detained at Darwin airport. This man had received an urgent request from a family member to get a passport for their father and sister-in-law. This younger man told us that he has a natural feeling that he could do it. His grandparents are Irish, born in England, so it was clearly a family matter for him.

When we told the Immigration Lawyer that the man was to be removed, he was delighted. The man needed the passport to visit his relatives in Europe, and this meant his deportation could be delayed for a little while, however, he had a family with him and they would not be able to leave the country without him.

A few days later, the man met with a concerned Immigration Lawyer Melbourne colleague to present his case, as it turned out. The man was reluctant to go into details and only spoke of his desire to see his family back in Ireland. He was careful to emphasize that he was not, in any way, a threat to national security.

We wanted to help the man out and be sure that he did not become another statistic. But when we asked for more information about why he wanted to be deported, his answer was a lot less than comforting. He claimed that he didn’t even know what the charges against him were and that he felt threatened.

Immigration lawyer Melbourne

He then began to describe the horrors of being held at the airport and how he could barely move or speak as the guards kept him in a holding cell. He finally said that the guards had threatened to have him killed and that he was afraid of what he said would happen if he did not comply.

We consulted an Immigration Lawyer Melbourne lawyer, who told us that these claims were probably true and that there was indeed cause for concern. For example, the man had made it clear that he could pay the fine to remove himself from the country quickly and also told the guards that he did not want to be killed by them.

According to the Immigration Lawyer, the man had every right to be afraid, but that does not mean that he should have resorted to physical violence. But he added that he was concerned that the man was also worried about how his own family would be treated by the guards. Our Immigration Lawyer told us that a failure to explain certain facts could result in an application being rejected.

We went over the man’s case, and we felt that we should contact his barrister immediately. We knew that there were chances that the man might be deported before a hearing and we felt that a hearing could prevent this. We also knew that once he was in detention, he would probably be held in isolation as well, which would also keep him from communicating with other inmates.

What the Immigration Lawyer told us also about some of the new procedures that had been introduced recently and one of the ones that might have been missed by the man. He told us that an interview must be completed in person and that these interviews were now usually conducted in the detention centre.

In addition, our Immigration Lawyer told us that there was a requirement that there be medical verification before the removals, and that the medical health records had to be looked at by a doctor before the removals could proceed. Once we heard this, we arranged for a meeting with the man.

During our meeting, the man became agitated, constantly reminding us of how vulnerable he was. He spoke of the unsecured detention facility and its misfortunes. He was trying to hold onto his identity and his sense of identity.

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