Why You Should Consider Investing in Coloured splashbacks?

In the beginning, it was made of brick. Then there were the tiles, and then there was the waterproof paint. Glass has taken over as the ruler of the world! In this case, we’re talking about the modern-day invasion of the kitchen. Coloured splashbacks have clearly taken over the area, and it doesn’t seem as if they will be leaving anytime in the near future. They shouldn’t, either. Glam is made of glass.

It is both adaptable and timeless. As a result, it necessity come as no surprise that Australian house designers continue to suggest glass splashback for all of their construction projects. Some unique features distinguish glass splashback from other types of backsplashes, making them an excellent investment. Let’s take a look at approximately of the most compelling arguments for why you should consider installing glass splashback in your house.

Lighting that has been improve

One of the most notable advantages of Coloured splashbacks is their ability to reflect light. Once it is properly place, it reflects light back into the kitchen, making the space seem more expansive. This might be beneficial if your kitchen is tiny, does not have any windows, or if you need more lighting.

The kitchen becomes more inviting to your family members and visitors as a result of the additional light that creates more space and a little extra glitter in the area. Even in the midst of gloomy nights and bleak winters, the kitchen serves as a gathering place where everyone may gather and feel at home.

Coloured splashbacks

Designs and choices that are unique to you

When it comes to the variety of styles, colors, and patterns available, Coloured splashbacks are unravel. A broad variety of paint colors, print pictures, and patterns are available to match your kitchen and home decor needs. Exotic reds, vivid blues, beautiful pinks, dazzling whites, stunning greens, and any other color you can think may be brought to life with glass splashback in your kitchen or bathroom.

Your favorite picture and photo effects, as well as any design that strikes your fancy, may be use to create a unique design. Whatever the style, design, or layout of your kitchen, you will be able to choose a glass backsplash that complements it flawlessly. It is true what they say – the only thing that limits you is your imagination!!

The volume to endure the test of time

Coloured splashbacks are toughen throughout the production process, which involves a succession of intense heating and cooling operations. As a result, they are very robust and long-lasting. Some of us may be concern about the glass being delicate and perhaps hazardous if it breaks.

A unique heat treatment and optimize thickness of glass splashback make them much stronger than stainless steel or ceramic tiles. Additionally, they are very heat resistant. There is no fading of colors or development of scratches in this product. There are no cracks, warping, or blackening. Generally speaking, glass splashback are very durable and need no maintenance other than an occasional wash down.

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In terms of house renovations, they are often a costly endeavor, particularly when considering the up-front expenses. It is also needed to consider the cost of installing glass splashback, which is typically more costly than conventional splashback such as paint or tiles. However, when you consider the long-term costs, a different picture emerges.

Once a Coloured splashbacks has been place, it will remain in place for an extremely long period without the need for any care. Glass splashback, on the other hand, are accessible on the market at an amazing value for money, with no sacrifice in terms of quality or style. Even if you pay a little more money up front, it will be well worth it when you consider how ample money, time, and energy you will save in the long run by investing in a surface that will be in continuous use.

Coloured splashbacksmade of glass are a good investment

Beautiful houses are distinguish by their elegant design, high-quality materials, and innovative use of available space. Coloured splashbacks made of glass have become an indispensable feature of modern Australian houses, thanks to their flexibility and wide range of color options. Because they are bright and contemporary, they provide a luxury touch to your kitchen.

How Do You Select a Color for Your Coloured splashbacks in the Kitchen?

The way your kitchen is designed may communicate a lot about your own style. It wasn’t that long ago that the kitchen was a modest space with just the essential cooking surfaces. It was often divided from the dining area in order to keep the clutter and the scent of food cooking hidden from the guests.

Coloured splashbacks

Color of the Glass Splashback

Unlike older houses, however, contemporary kitchens are bigger and may be used for many purposes. The kitchen space, which includes comfortable sitting places, sufficient storage cabinets, and room for working, may be used in a number of ways to improve your quality of life. Many people take a great deal of pleasure in having a beautiful kitchen, and it is something that they work hard to achieve.

Cabinetry, benchtops, and even high-end accessories are all available. Installing new splashback in your kitchen is a great way to totally transform the appearance of your space and make it more functional. The possibilities are endless, with anything from clear glass splashback to white splashback to metallic splashback to designer splashback to choose from.

Choosing the most appropriate colors

Choosing a single color or a mix of colors for your coloured splashbacks is dependent on a number of factors, including the appliances, the benchtop, the cabinets, and the floor of your kitchen. As a result, selecting colors becomes a time-consuming endeavor.

Consider your choices carefully, and give yourself plenty of time to settle on a color scheme. It is possible that you will need to visualize how the kitchen will appear with that particular Coloured splashbacks. Allow us to walk you through some often-asked questions and suggestions to assist you in selecting the best glass backsplash colors for your kitchen.

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The color of the paint will seem to be different behind the glass backsplash

Clear glass has iron as a component, and a large number of glass producers utilize iron in their manufacturing processes. Iron is recognized to react with paints and colors, resulting in a greenish tinge around the edges of the glass when exposed to sunlight. This implies that a normal glass may distort the color, resulting in an appearance that is completely different from what you had in mind when you choose your color.

We utilize low iron in their glass production process in order to provide better quality and more accurate coloration. Low-iron glass has the following characteristics:

  • Transparency
  • Brightness
  • Redefinition of color
  • Light transmission

When compared to normal clear glass. The low-iron glass has a 5 percent increase in transparency when compared to regular clear glass. As a result, the clarity of the glass is improved. And the selected color is shown through the glass without distortion or loss.

Coloured splashbacks

Will Coloured splashbacks only be compatible with solid colors?

Most of the time, when we think of solid colors, we think of paint that has a uniform finish. A glass finish, on the other hand, is considerably distinct, and when combined with complementary wall colors. It provides a focus point in your kitchen. When it comes to selecting Coloured splashbacks from us, we offer a variety of choices in addition to the standard solid color selections.

A white kitchen backsplash finish or a metallic kitchen splashback finish may be used to create a modern appearance. While also charitable the impression of more space in your kitchen. Straight lines, geometric patterns, waves, swirls, and random designs are all examples of textures. These provide an intriguing visual experience in your kitchen. Bringing a world of another dimension into your home for you to enjoy.

Do you think the color of the glass splashback will fade with time?

With the right colors and treatments, Coloured splashbacks may have a timeless appearance without becoming outdated. Ten-year warranty against color fading and discoloration is included with the basic color range and metallics from AB Plastics.

In the event of color fading, our mirror splashback and Impression Range are covered by seven-year and five-year warranties accordingly. Our in-house digital printing capabilities, combined with an industry-first water-based painting technique. Ensure that our clients get the ideal color that will remain great for a long time to come.

Colors for Coloured splashbacks that will stand the test of time

There are many different types of paints and finishes to choose from. The brightness of paint finishes such as low sheen, semi-gloss, and matt may last for years when properly maintained. The aptitude to be flexible is essential in the design of a Coloured splashbacks. It may be customized to suit any kitchen layout or style, and there are many color, texture, and finish options.

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