How Renovating Your Kitchen Glass Splashbacks Melbourne increase Home value?

Glass Splashbacks Melbourne: If you’ve ever bought or sold a home or apartment in Melbourne, you’re probably already aware of this. Kitchen improvements are by far the most significant of all the things you can do to enhance the value – and thus the selling price – of a home.

Renovations to the kitchen Glass Splashbacks Melbourne were important in obtaining the sale.

We agree with Brian’s point of view. Years of experience have taught us that the kitchen and bathroom are the two most important features that may make or break the sale of a home.

Kitchens with little space

When it comes to the most essential space in your house, well-designed tiny kitchens demonstrate that size isn’t everything. Certainly, having a beautiful kitchen that is larger than a normal high-rise apartment would be a dream come true for most of us. However, the truth is that the majority of us do not have that sort of room.

That’s OK with me:

Because, like with so many other aspects of life, it is not so much about how much room you have as it is about what you do with it. When it comes to kitchen design, this is especially true. When it comes to filling that space, as long as you are thoughtful and creative, you will be able to design a beautiful tiny kitchen that meets the requirements of you and your family.

Pay Close Attention to the Details

At Rosemount Kitchens, we are obsessively concerned with the smallest of details. Hopefully, you can see from these picture design galleries that our approach is the same for every job we do. The importance of this becomes even more apparent when designing a kitchen in which space is at a premium.

Several important concepts, we believe, are applicable to the vast majority of excellent compact kitchens. But we usually start with the fundamentals:

What methods do you and your family use to prepare meals in the kitchen, and what factors are most important to you when deciding what you want to accomplish in the kitchen?

Considering these factors is critical in any kitchen makeover, and once our kitchen designers have the answers, they can begin designing a new kitchen that our clients will really like – and want to spend time in. A common question we get from clients is how on earth they can change an existing tiny kitchen or whether it is feasible to make their room seem larger.

Important considerations in the design of a tiny kitchen


A tiny kitchen that appears in Elle Decor and makes excellent use of natural light can be seen here. Creating an excellent tiny kitchen involves a number of fundamental elements that must be taken into consideration when attempting to strike a balance between design and function.


glass splashbacks Melbourne

The following characteristics may be found in the finest tiny kitchens:

  • Layout is excellent.
  • Making the most use of available storage capacity
  • Colors that are neutral and efficient utilization of light


The arrangement of a kitchen is often affected by the particular requirements of the client. For example, a U-shaped kitchen will provide you with extra storage space but will reduce the amount of contact between family members. The opposite is true for two individuals who like to cook in a galley-style or l-shaped kitchen with an island: they will be more comfortable together.

Light and illumination:

Natural light always has the effect of making a room seem bigger. If you have it – or if you have the opportunity to get more by, for example, installing windows in a door – take use of it.

Is it possible to increase the amount of light coming in via current windows? Would the installation of a skylight in your kitchen be advantageous? It is a low-cost enhancement that may make a significant impact in the overall outcome. In addition, materials such as glass and mirrors may make a big impact.

For example, a stunning glass or mirrored backsplash may bring more light into a room while also giving the impression of greater space. Materials that reflect more light include high gloss tiles, ceramic tile, and stainless steel, to name a few examples of frequently used materials.

In addition, the use of LED bulbs may have a major aesthetic effect, and more unique choices – such as pendant lighting – can create an eye-catching focal point that attracts the viewer’s attention to it.

Color is important:

Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, using mainly dark colors may make a room that is already cramped seem much smaller. Colors for cabinets, doors, and walls should be soft and muted in appearance. Using splashes of brighter colors and a variety of textures in select parts of the kitchen – such as the benchtop, backsplash, or even appliances – may provide interest and warmth without detracting from the overall feeling of spaciousness.

Styles of doors include:

A profiled door may make a small room seem cluttered, while a flat door, with its straighter lines, might give the impression of greater space in a compact area.

  • Small kitchens have limited storage space.
  • Beneath and around the sink is an ingenious

The ability to maximize space is critical in any kitchen remodeling project, but it is more critical in a smaller kitchen. Professional designers, such as those that work at Rosemount, will strive to improve efficiency by using every available nook and cranny in the building.

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Did you know that a drawer may have up to 50% more storage capacity than a cabinet in the same amount of available space? When you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense. With a drawer, you may store bigger goods like as pots and pans at the bottom of the cabinet and install another one immediately above it to store lids and other smaller things. As a result, you are using all of the available inside space, as opposed to a cabinet, which often has a lot of empty space above what is being kept.

Drawers are also more convenient to use. Our experts work with clients to integrate as many drawers as feasible into their designs. Kicker drawers, which are located slightly above the floor level, may also free up a significant amount of storage space that would otherwise go unused.

Cupboards over the refrigerator:

Despite the fact that they are an excellent storage solution. It is generally best not to overcrowd the space with them. Making a small space seem larger. By limiting the amount of tall cabinets is another method to make it appear larger. We often recommend to clients that they dedicate a single wall to floor-to-ceiling storage. It is, of course, depending on the individual client and the amount of available space.

Pantry cabinets with pull-out drawers:

Slide-out shelf inside cabinets that is easy to reach is a fantastic storage solution for a smaller kitchen. Products are built with little space in mind, but they are also excellent in terms of access and quality. Both businesses also provide internal divider systems to help you keep track of your supplies more efficiently.

Cabinets in the corners:

These individuals are yet another example of outstanding space builders. The hard-to-reach “dead” areas seen in many kitchens are a source of frustration. But corner units like Hafele’s Lemans II bring them to life. Because the shelf is removable and re-position able, you can make full use of every available space without sacrificing functionality.

Benchtops, islands, and sinks are all available:

Many different approaches may be used to be creative in a limited area, and these are just a few examples. If you don’t have enough space for an island or a table. Consider benchtops that may be used for both preparation and dining.

Single sinks that are smaller in size and with a detachable drainer may save up precious bench space. Undermount sinks provide even more bench space and are frequently more aesthetically pleasing than traditional sinks.

Appliances that are integrated and smaller:

Fully integrating the dishwasher and/or refrigerator may help. To make a kitchen seem less crowded, which can help to create the impression of more space. A microwave installed below the bench with trim around it helps to save up space on your tabletop.

Consider the smaller appliances that are currently being manufactured. To meet the needs of the growing number of people who are living in flats and smaller townhouses, for example. Everything from refrigerators and dishwashers to ovens. And rangehoods is available in a more compact. And slimline design that is just as useful and aesthetically pleasing as their standard-sized equivalents.

This specific project demonstrates the significance of good design:

Storage space was a concern. And it needed to be maximized while without compromising the overall living area of the room. With the exposed brick walls and wood floor in mind. Ben designed a kitchen that included a standalone 900w oven and plenty of usable storage.

Due to the fact that this was a tiny terraced house, the selection of materials and colors was critical. The kitchen has to be complementary to the living room without taking up the whole space. The customer was delighted with the final outcome. Furthermore, the photographs demonstrate how a tiny area may be both useful and practical while still being beautiful and contemporary.

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