What You Need to Know About Secure Data Wipes?

Secure Data Wipes tools are design to clean up the contents of your hard drive using a software tool call “secure data wipe.” The “secure data wipe” tool is design to get rid of all files that are on your hard drive, regardless of whether or not they are still require or necessary.

No secure data wipe tool developed for the use of a USB drive is going to work if a USB drive has been formatted or defragmented. This means that the files on your hard drive will have completely different names and will be totally unreadable by your computer. As a result, no secure data wipe application designed for an SSD drive will even work on a USB drive, and the only way to use an SSD drive with such a program is to use a program that has a special mode that doesn’t require any files to be present.


Secure Data Wipes

What is Secure data wipe?

If you overwrite the entirety of your hard drive, any data blocks that might still be there will (and probably will) be in the overprovisioning region, leaving traces of leftover data around the drive, making it extremely difficult to recover. Secure Data Wipes software can be very effective and can delete these unused data blocks after the program has finished wiping out the rest of the data.

One way to remove the most unwanted data from your USB drive is to reformat your device. Some programs will automatically do this, but if you’re not sure what to do or how to do it, then you may want to look into the program Advanced USB Eraser. This program comes with several different features that allow you to create an exact copy of your entire hard drive, including all of its partitions and the settings that are on them.

Secure Data Wipes

How to reformat your PC?

You can also reformat your USB drive by creating a bootable Windows Install CD. Once you’ve made the necessary files, you can burn the CD to a blank CD and then insert it into your USB drive, where you can boot up your computer and then insert the CD into your USB drive to load the program.

There is no need to erase any important files on your hard drive when you use a secured data wipe program to wipe your hard drive. Just make sure that you never reuse any of your information after you’ve gotten your data wiped.

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