Why You Should Shop Online

Shopping online in Sri Lanka can be a bit challenging. In many ways, the economy is struggling, and we can see many examples of this with the dramatic increase in the price of petrol, the country’s currency being devalued and the rise in unemployment. However, shopping online is very much a part of our culture and daily life here.

With a little research on your part, you can often find lower prices than what you could find at your local shop or online store. There are some great sites to visit when online shopping in Sri Lanka. We’ve listed some of the sites below:

E-Shopping is one of the most popular shopping methods in Sri Lanka. You can shop from home or travel to your local Sri Lanka shop or visit a specialised site with comprehensive details about products and discounts available.

One of the cheapest methods of shopping online in Sri Lanka is by doing a large number of searches on Google with ‘online shop’ as the keyword. Many advertisers (both local and international) pay you for providing this information, but it is very effective.

Online Quotation is a place to read online reviews of products, special offers and help with questions such as how to use products. It is the best place to buy creams and soaps and many more.

Online Shopping

The Pink Pearl is a social shopping network where you can share experiences, stories and buy items you may not otherwise have access to. They also offer advice and assistance on buying clothes, accessories and many other products. You’ll also find great products for the home, plus many more that you’ll love.

Amazon provides you with reviews, purchase recommendations and products from top online stores. You can also ask questions and read customer reviews. Online wedding help can be found on The Knot, an online wedding planning and shopping forum. This is a very popular place to meet wedding couples and hear about their experiences online shopping in Sri Lanka.

Online chat forums are a fun way to learn about all the latest trends, cheap items and products you can use on your trip. You can also access product reviews and more.

Bridal magazine, a UK based publication devoted to the entertainment and fun of weddings. You can find real-life photos and story-lines of the bride and groom, along with helpful hints and advice.

All these sites will give you a wealth of information about online shopping Sri Lanka, and some are listed above as we have tried to give you an overview of what you can find. All you have to do is browse to find out which sites work for you.

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