Migration Lawyers in Melbourne: Finding a Lawyer to Handle Your Immigration Case

There are many migration lawyers in Melbourne. But, you should select the one that can offer you the best migration services. The migration lawyer Melbourne can handle the migration visa applications, proof of eligibility of your company for a TSS visa, contact details of your employer, residence, and migration information for an Australian national.

A TSS is a Temporary Skilled Worker visa that helps in improving the industry and economy in Australia. If you are looking to increase your business efficiency, you may apply for this visa for work. However, before you start looking for an immigration lawyer, you should be aware of the processes that must be completed before your immigration visa application can be processed.

To get a TSS, you have to fulfil various eligibility requirements. You must have a job for which you want to work on TSS visa, there must be a need to migrate, and you must meet the required age requirement. Failure to meet these requirements will cause delays in your application process.

The first requirement is to have a job that you want to work on a TSS visa. This is because if you do not have any job for which you want to work, you are not eligible for a TSS visa.

Secondly, you must meet the requirement to have a spouse or partner in your country of origin or citizenship. You need to prove your eligibility to migrate by this criterion. It does not matter if you have a partner in your country of origin or citizenship, the fact remains that you are not eligible to migrate until you have proof of your citizenship partner.

Migration Lawyer Melbourne

Thirdly, you need to verify your eligibility to migrate. You will be required to submit a fee to be paid by your employer as the processing fee for your TSS visa application.

These requirements are needed if you want to work on a TSS visa. If you do not meet these requirements, you are not eligible to get a TSS visa and it is useless to apply for this visa.

Fourthly, to get a TSS, you will need to apply at a TSS processing centre. However, this facility is only available at some government offices and they charge a fee from their clients.

The centre will help you submit your application and proof of age, employment details, residence and immigration documents to the Immigration department. Once this is done, the minister will decide whether you are eligible to get a TSS visa.

This decision can only be made by the Minister and your immigration lawyer must look after your case. You should ensure that you give your employer’s details along with your application. This is so that you will get a better chance of getting a working visa.

Migration lawyers in Melbourne offer many migration services. They can help you fulfil all the immigration requirements that you have to face before getting a TSS visa. However, the success rate will depend on the level of expertise of the lawyer who handles your case.

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