Any Alternatives To Migration Lawyer Melbourne Service?

Could you think of any alternatives to this expert service? Our previous articles have explained how crucial is you winning your visa to stay in Australia, but you need expert advice for it. However, a few visa applicants may still look for other options when they have to extend their permits to stay. 

As the visa applicants, tons of questions may run in your mind. What is the highly recommended visa extension for me? Who is there to assist me with the process? Or, your mindset is this, “I can manage it myself?” Let’s compare all these thoughts or options in detail today!

Can Other Lawyers Replace Migration lawyers?: In today’s world, lawyers are there for hundreds of aspects. However, they are masters of a particular area of practice. The fact you should understand is this. When you seek legal advice, you have to turn towards the right lawyer. 

  • For any issues related to criminal acts, you should meet criminal lawyers. 
  • For employee or compensation matters, you need the assistance of lawyers who know that subject from A to Z.
  • Similarly, for Australian immigration matters, you should meet Migration Lawyers in Melbourne

Thus, lawyers from other areas of practice can’t assist you with areas that they don’t fulfil. 

Migration Lawyer Melbourne

Could You Follow The Official Australian Visa Website?: The department of immigration maintains a detailed website that explains visa extensions and other aspects. You could use this website for general information. Anyway, this information is 100% accurate and up to date. 

However, could this replace immigration lawyers? You should understand that the official website is there as guidance or for getting information. It doesn’t play a role as the lawyer. One may think that “I can follow the website and do all myself accordingly.” In the end, they make critical mistakes and those lead to visa refusals. 

The fact you should understand is this. The official website of the department of immigration is only guidance. It can’t replace a human expert. 

Can You Just Do It Yourself?: In other words, you gather all the relevant information from available sources. Then, you determine the right visa extension from available visa options. For example, a lot of online resources are there that provide information on the visa processes today. For example, this blog. 

  1. Depending on the visa type, the amount of tasks to do varies. For example, you may look for an employer-sponsored visa. Without a migration lawyer in Melbourne, could you manage it yourself? The job presenter may not give you full support for it. 
  2. Complex visas, including permanent resident, need expert assistance from the beginning. Therefore, could you manage that hectic aspect yourself? From your side, you may try harder, and you may think that it will work. However, the visa office looks for perfect visa applications today. As a result, a single mistake made by you when filling out the application form or providing the critical supporting documents is more than enough for rejection. 
  3. On the other hand, you have to choose the right registered migration agents in the Melbourne CBD. 

Times When Hiring Migration Lawyer Melbourne A Must-do: As mentioned, depending on the visa category or type, the process’s complexity rises. Therefore, any visa applicant shouldn’t look for alternatives. Below is a list of complex visa categories:

  • Business Visa.
  • Skilled Visa.
  • Family Visa.
  • Partner Visa.
  • Employer-Sponsored Visa. 

Even a migration lawyer has to do a lot for clients in these cases. And, that is why we always say, “choose established or reputable lawyers in Melbourne.” 

Why Shouldn’t Look For Alternatives?: Over the past few years, Australian immigration law got upgraded in many ways. In a way, we can say that this law is a real challenge to overcome. Anyway, we can’t blame the Australian government for making this law tough every year. From their side, they have many reasons to do so:

  1. The Illegal immigrant issue has become a threat to Australia by now. 
  2. Every year, thousands of illegal immigrants enter the country via shoddy methods. Their ultimate goal is seeking asylum in the country. However, they are not genuine individuals who need international protection. Can the Australian government spend money on those so-called fake asylum seekers? 
  3. Controlling immigration is a strategy that gives a bigger chance to Australian citizens. 
  4. International terrorism has become a global threat to all developed countries. 

All these facts prove that whoever wants to enter Australia should be a genuine individual and hold a real purpose. So, you could be a genuine visa applicant, but the visa office looks at you through strict eyes. Hence, you have to prove your eligibility to them accordingly. For this, you need the assistance of a migration lawyer in Melbourne. 

Can Any Lawyer Be The Right One?: The long explanation we have done so far is more than enough to make you understand that you need an expert, helping hand with the process. In other words, there’s no replacement to immigration lawyers. However, you may have heard stories about lawyers fooling visa applicants. 

Hence, can any lawyer be the right lawyer for you? The answer is “no!” In Melbourne CBD, you may find hundreds of lawyers. And, they say various things to attract clients. For example, “immigration lawyers at the lowest rates.” At a glance, this so-called low rates is a stress reliever. But, in reality, it kills you. 

Migration Lawyer Melbourne

  • Can any lawyer offer low-priced aids and assist you with one of the toughest immigration laws in the world? 
  • A considerable percentage of visa applicants apply for complex visa types. Therefore, can the service for it be low-priced? 
  • Many services fall under migration lawyers in Melbourne today. For example, advisory aids, court representations, and so on. Only the right lawyer who has mastered the particular area of practice can help you! 
  • Also, the full-service concept has become a trend in every service or sector now. As a visa applicant, you will benefit from picking this full-service. Most of the time, it will be a law firm that offers this service. 

Closing Thoughts: There are no alternatives to migration lawyer in Melbourne service now. It is safe to say that nothing won’t show up in the future, too. If you need comprehensive service and assistance with your visa applying process, then choose Demel Lawyers. 

We are a full-service law firm that offers aids related to all complex visas explained in this article. We have a full-team. You can fill the provided online form and get more information on each visa type. Or, meet us at our office; let’s discuss everything in detail!

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