The Top Risks Of programmed maintenance In 2020

Operational software is very much used by the industry today to solve a lot of the problems that arise in the field of maintenance. Programmed maintenance is highly favoured because it reduces the effort, time, and money that are needed for the maintenance of a system. It also saves time and money for both the company and the workers who are employed at the plants.

Programming maintenance thus becomes a risk analysis plan that acts as an effective preventive measure that improves the productivity of a manufacturing unit. Maintenance should be handled according to the guidelines set by the manufacturers and by the management so that all the risks involved are eliminated.

There are several risks involved in programming maintenance. The top risks of programmed maintenance in 2020 are listed here.

o Test as a tool for the elimination of errors and defects: Testing is a highly used tool to make certain that the systems do not fail. But with today’s methods, some of the testing processes get misused and some of the test results get incorporated into the systems.

o Not testing the complete functions: Most of the defects that are reported are caused by bugs in the software, which do not have a complete functioning. However, sometimes they cause serious consequences when it is integrated with the production system.

Programmed maintenance

A limited number of testing: It is necessary to test the entire system to make sure that it does not malfunction. It may be necessary to test only data storage, communication, and control logic.

o Excess quantities of testing: To check a whole system, testing is performed at a limited quantity. It may be difficult to determine if the system is working properly because of the failure to test all the elements at the same time.

o System failure: During testing, a system failure may lead to many other complications. This happens in several factories where the systems are used by only a few people.

o Risk of downtime: If a production system is up and running, there is less chance that it will be stopped for a longer period of time. If the production is too large, it becomes difficult to prevent stoppages.

o Inability to keep everything in order: This is another risk that is involved in programmed maintenance. There are many employees in factories that do not have proper knowledge of the functions of a particular system and what it does.

o Unavailability of human resources: Sometimes, there are many employees that are needed during the maintenance procedures and due to the lack of human resources, the functions of the system may be compromised. If the maintenance processes are set to be performed manually, this will always be a risk.

At present, some of the highly risky products are also made available to the manufacturing industry. Programs are part of the maintenance procedures and they help in keeping the production working effectively.

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