How To Create More Job Vacancies In Sri Lanka?

Our country is yet a developing island. It is unfortunate that this so-called “developing” label was on us for over seven decades. However, as a nation, we had more than enough possibilities to fulfil and at least be a moderately developed country by now. Therefore, what went wrong is a question that we should ask ourselves.

“We don’t have jobs” has become a pretty common complaint on this island. Is it true? Every individual in the country should earn money to live. To earn money, people have to work harder. Anyway, that is the trend in all other developed countries, too. The difference is that those developed nations’ workforce is complete. When it comes to Sri Lanka, vacancies are available, but no job seekers to fulfil those. 

Job Vacancies In Sri Lanka: The workforce of our country isn’t balanced. In other words, for certain industries, more than enough job seekers apply. However, even the government can’t offer a massive number of Job Vacancies for those so-called regular sectors. 

“We need teaching jobs!” In Sri Lanka, we hear this quite often. While teaching is a respectable position, but millions of positions are not available under it. Moreover, the majority of job seekers demand positions in Colombo. In the end, the permeation of vacancies gets confined to a few cities or areas on the island. 

Sri Lanka’s Educational System: It is 100% safe to say that this system needs an upgrade. However, over the past few years, the country’s governments included many new subjects and areas within the education system. Is the completed upgrade sufficient? 

Job Vacancies

While the position of the country’s education method is “OK,” but we should modify it more. This modification or refining should answer prime questions such as “how to get students into technical subjects such as engineering or practical works?” 

Anyway, the situation is more complex. A considerable percentage of skilled workers of Sri Lanka search for foreign job vacancies. When analyzing the past trends, we can conclude that geniuses of the country have already left for foreign jobs. 

Therefore, we should understand the reality. If Sri Lanka is an island that holds quality jobs and people get paid well, then why would skilled workers leave? This occurrence alone is sufficient to understand that the country lacks something. 

Salary Rates In Sri Lanka: There’s nothing called a “minimum pay rate” here. As a result, a few employers pay an overly low rate to their employees. In many sectors or industries, the average monthly salary won’t exceed the limit of 25,000. Thus, the quality of life that millions of Sri Lankans get to enjoy is not satisfactory. 

If the country’s government pays attention to this crucial factor, then the workforce gets motivated. Nevertheless, the opposite takes place in many industries still. 

“Do I get paid enough” is a question that runs in millions of workers’ minds. In conclusion, when compared to the increase in living costs, people don’t get paid enough. In other words, a few employers crush employees and get tasks completed at pretty low salary rates.

The Real Status Of Job Vacancies: A few sectors or industries lack skilled workers to work for them. To change this situation, we should get students to learn technical subjects, too. For some sectors, more than enough skilled individuals are available, but other industries, no. 

If we don’t create job positions within the country, more and more qualified individuals will leave the land for foreign jobs. As a result, the country would come to a point where no geniuses are available for local requirements. 

To settle this chaos, has developed an online recruiting platform that gets the right candidates to employers. We are glad that our updated system works well for the benefits of the country now. 

Job Vacancies

What We Should Do To Create More Job Vacancies?: First of all, the entire education system of the country needs more upgrades. Through that, we can develop individuals who have mastered non-traditional subjects or sectors. 

To motivate qualified workers, the government should set up a minimum pay rate, and this regulation should control the private sector, too. Even a “minor worker” in other developed countries get paid better than engineers here. This is the current situation or reality. Thus, we should change this now. 

Also, as one nation, we should work harder to remove our old label “developing country.” It is a shame that we keep this label for over seven decades. More job vacancies that enhance the quality of life of the nation is one prime aspect that develops Sri Lanka to the next level. 

The Responsibility Of Employees: First of all, employees should be qualified individuals. Through obtained qualifications, all should work harder for the benefit of the employer. What if the employer doesn’t pay enough? Let’s say it is your first job. Come into the mindset that you work even at a minimum pay for gaining experience. 

Nothing becomes your saviour in the future than what you have gained as experience. The gained experience will lead you to your success! 

Closing Thoughts: In Sri Lanka, job vacancies are available, but this availability is, in a way, complex. As a student who still spends school life, make sure you choose the right subjects that guarantee job positions in the country’s leading sectors or industries. 

Sufficient salaries, upgraded education systems, and equal opportunities for all are the factors that would make this land a developed country. Let’s hope it will happen soon! 

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