Types of Shower Screens Melbourne to Consider in 2022

With just a few simple upgrades to the Shower Screens Melbourne, you can give your bathroom an inexpensive makeover in no time. There are a variety of trendy shower screens in Melbourne that may transform your bathroom without the need for a major remodel.

For your consideration, here are eight of the most popular shower screens. Each of these shower screens comes with a unique set of advantages. 

To learn more about these contemporary shower screens, continue reading this article. After reading this post, you’ll have a decent understanding of which one is ideal for you based on your particular requirements.

Shower screens Melbourne types to consider

1. Framed shower screens Melbourne

For busy family bathrooms, fully framed shower screens Melbourne are a popular alternative. Using glass panels supported by an aluminium frame, they create a complete enclosure. Bathrooms of various shapes and sizes may benefit from their wide range of options. For families and budget-conscious homes, a fully framed shower screen is an excellent option.

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Shower Screens Melbourne

2. Frameless shower screens

For those who want a more modern aesthetic, frameless shower screens Melbourne are an excellent alternative to traditional framed shower screens. With a glass surface supported by minimal hardware, they have a basic yet contemporary appeal. For bathrooms with limited space, frameless shower screens are an excellent option. They also come with a stylish look, making them perfect for modern bathrooms. 

3. Semi-Frameless shower screens

Semi-frameless shower screens Melbourne are a type of framed shower screen, simply with a more modest frame. Although they have the same structural integrity as framed shower screens, they are more refined in their appearance, coming close to frameless shower screens. If you’re searching for a shower screen that’s both long-lasting and eye-catching, these are excellent options.

4. Sliding door shower screens

It saves a lot of room to have a shower screen that slides open. The doors do not open outwards or inwards, conserving a great deal of room while providing the same amount of protection as a closed enclosure. For baths with limited space, they’re an excellent option.

5. Shower screens with pivot doors

With a central pivot point, this Melbourne shower screen revolves and opens. They are available in various forms and designs, but because of the amount of space required for the door to open, they are only ideal for spacious bathrooms.

If you have the space, you may want to consider unique pivot-door shower screens Melbourne. You can be certain that they meet Australian safety and quality requirements, and they’ll match the rest of your bathroom.

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Shower Screens Melbourne

6. Bi-fold shower screens 

Bi-fold shower screens are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. While they save space, their opening mechanisms are also elegant and stylish, adding to their overall appeal. With two or more folds, they are an excellent option for modern bathrooms.

This shower screen Melbourne is a popular option among Western Australians. It’s an all-in-one shower screen that’s fashionable, functional, beautiful, and economical!

7. Quadrant shower screens

It’s easy to fit a quadrant shower screen in the corner of your bathroom. Small bathrooms might benefit from their space-saving nature thanks to the sliding doors they often include.

Each screen has a beautiful design that will make your bathroom much more functional and visually appealing.

8. Fixed panel shower screens

When it comes to shower screens Melbourne, fixed panel options are both easy and elegant. They have a clean, uncluttered appearance since they are made up of just one sheet of clear, frameless glass. As a result, they may only be used in big enough bathrooms to accommodate the drying space.

A Melbourne shower screen keeps water from escaping the shower enclosure. The damp bathroom floor won’t be an issue anymore, and you won’t have to worry about water damage either. If you pick the appropriate shower screen Melbourne, your bathroom might appear brand new and much bigger.

Shower Screens Melbourne

How to Pick the Best Melbourne Shower Screen for Your Home

Before making your final decision on a Shower Screens Melbourne, have a few considerations in mind.

1. The Bathroom’s Size and the Shower’s Capacity

You must choose a solution that is appropriate for your available area! Make the most of a tiny space by installing a sliding or folding door. There are more screen door options available for larger rooms because of the extra space.

2. Material

Don’t cut corners. A safe shower screen that complies with Australian Standard AS/NZ2208 should always be used.

3. Shower Screen Seal

There’s nothing worse than a dripping tub! Choose only high-quality items and install a specially designed shower screen with a shower screen seal to prevent this from happening in the future. Our magnetic shower screen seals provide a simple, leak-free solution.

Design Inferno Glass for Shower Screens Melbourne

Replace your shower screen to give your bathroom a quick and inexpensive facelift. Shower screens Melbourne are available in a variety of styles and materials. The varieties of shower screens you may choose from include framed shower screens, frameless shower screens, semi-framed shower screens, sliding door shower screens, pivot door shower screens, bifold door shower screens, quadrant shower screens, and fixed panel shower screens, among others.

No matter what you’re looking for, Design Inferno has a wide variety of shower screens to choose from. If you’re looking for a high-quality shower screen for your bathroom, look no further than ours. Please visit your local store to buy any one of the shower screens featured in this article.

You can place your order online, too. Fill in the enquiry form and send it to us; we will get back to you ASAP. We can also help you choose the best shower screen Melbourne for your home. 

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