How to Choose a Coloured glass splashback?

What is a Splashback in the Kitchen?

In places such as pantries and bathrooms, a Coloured glass splashback is a panel that protects walls and other surfaces from splashes. They’re often use in kitchens behind the stove to protect the wall from splashes and heat damage during cooking. dulux colour chart may be made of a variety of materials, the most popular of which being tiles, steel, glass, and stone.

Tile-based splashbacks

Tile splashbacks are a less expensive option, but they need professional installation. Food splatter, dust, and dirt may accumulate dirt and grime in the crevices, and they can quickly discolor while cooking. They must be cleaned correctly on a regular basis to maintain their appearance.

Stainless steel splashbacks

In terms of cleaning and care, stainless steel dulux colour chart are a low-maintenance option, but scratches and wear and tear may develop over time, requiring backsplash replacement. Stainless steel may also give off a chilly, almost industrial feel in your kitchen.

Stone Reminiscences

You may get a lot of uniformity by using the same material and color for your work surfaces, such as marble or engineer stone. However, the possibilities are limited. And, given the amount you’ll need, they might be very expensive.

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Coloured glass splashback

Glass splashbacks are a uncountable way to add a splash of color to a room.

Glass splashbacks are a wonderful kitchen material since they are heat resistant and sturdy. In the kitchen, a glass dulux color chart will reflect light and provide the impression of more space. It can be installed in a day and, thanks to the reflect look, makes your kitchenette seem larger and more comfortable. Architects and designers all ended the world like glass splashbacks because they are flexible, durable, and visually appealing.


He’s a lot simpler to install and connect appliances now. Customize glass splashbacks to create one-of-a-kind kitchen decor. This expands the range of applications for national tiles to include bathroom, commercial, and corporate environments.

Design Flexibility

Coloured glass splashback provide more creative design options in the locations where they will be placed. When you utilize glass national tiles, you have a lot of selections for creating a distinctive kitchen.


You may have nearly any color of glass national tiles you choose, ranging from solid to metallic, providing you full creative freedom.

Graphic Design and Printing

Printed glass splashbacks are ideal for creating a striking, one-of-a-kind design statement.


By intensifying the room’s perspective and natural light, mirrored splashbacks assist to enhance the impression of interplanetary in a kitchen. By making a feeling of spaciousness, glass splashbacks promote more collaborative, open-plan living zones.

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Coloured glass splashback

Strength and Safety

Coloured glass splashback is integrally more robust and scratch-resistant than stainless steel and tiled alternatives. Through a sequence of intensive heating and cooling processes, glass national tiles are additionally toughened for increased strength and heat resistance.

Resistant to Heat

Coloured glass splashback can endure the heat – literally. Heat applied to glass splashbacks as a result of cooking has no result on the product: no fading of colors or resources, no cracking, warping, or blackening, and no safety subjects when utilized properly.

What are the Benefits of By means of Coloured glass splashback?

Flexibility and ease of use are becoming more desired as our lives grow busier. Glass splashbacks are a wonderful way to deliver a feeling of calm while also allowing for personalization and unique design.

It’s your kitchen we’re talking about.

The appearance of your kitchen may reveal a lot about your lifestyle. The kitchen used to be a modest space with just the essential cooking surfaces a long time ago. To hide the clutter and the scent of preparing food, it was often divided from the dining area.

Color of Glass Splashback

Modern kitchens, on the other hand, are bigger and serve many functions. The kitchen space enhances your living in a number of ways, with comfortable sitting spaces, sufficient storage drawers, and work space. Having a lovely kitchenette is something that many people are very proud of. Cabinetry, benchtops, and even high-end accessories are all available. Installing coloured glass splashback is a great method to totally transform the appearance of your kitchen while renovating or remodeling it. There are several options available, including clear glass splashbacks, white splashbacks, metallic splashbacks, and designer splashbacks.

Choosing the right colors

The appliances, the benchtop, the cabinets, and the floor all play a role in deciding on a single color or color combinations for your Coloured glass splashback. As a result, selecting colors is a difficult task. Consider your choices carefully and give your color selection some thought. You may need to imagine how the kitchen would appear with that particular glass backsplash color. Let us walk you through some often-asked questions and suggestions to assist you in selecting the best glass backsplash colors for your kitchen.

Coloured glass splashback

Will the color change when seen through the Coloured glass splashback?

Regular transparent glass contains iron, and many glass producers utilize it in their manufacturing. Iron is recognized to react with paints and colors, giving the margins of the glass a greenish hue. This implies that a normal glass may distort the color, making it appear completely different from what you had in mind for your chosen color. The clarity of low-iron glass is enhanced by 5% when compared to ordinary clear glass. This results in increased clarity, and the desired color is shown through the glass without distortion or loss.

Will just solid-colored glass splashbacks work?

We usually think of solid colors as paint with a uniform finish when we think about solid colors. A glass finish, on the other hand, is striking and, when combine with complementary wall colors, provides a focus point in your kitchen.

Apart from basic colors, there are many more choices when it comes to selecting a Coloured glass splashback. We can produce a variety of colors, depth, and even imitate bricks or tiles using our unique two-step vinyl technique. For a modern appearance, a white kitchen backsplash or a metallic splashback may be used to create a sense of space in your kitchen.

Will the Coloured glass splashback fade with time?

Coloured glass splashback may acquire a timeless appearance by using colors and coatings that do not fade. Color fading and discoloration are cover by a 10-year warranty on the regular color range and metallics. Color fading is guarantee for 7 years on our mirror splashbacks and 5 years on our Impression Range.

Colors for glass splashbacks that will last a lifetime

There are many different paints and finishes to choose from. Low sheen, semi-gloss, and matt paint finishes keep their brightness for years. In a Coloured glass splashback design, flexibility is crucial. It may be customize to suit any kitchen layout and design, with a wide range of color, texture, and finish options.

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