5 Mobile Design Trends You Should Know About For 2020

In the world of mobile technology and applications, many different trends can affect your business. The following five mobile design apps trends you should know about for 2020.

More People – Mobile technology is fast becoming a mainstream experience for most people. From a basic phone, many people will continue to own one device. It isn’t uncommon for families to have more than one phone, as well as a laptop. The Internet has been a dominant force in the computing world for many years, but now with the ability to access the web via mobile devices, more people can surf the web at greater speeds than ever before.

Social Networks – Many people use their mobile phones to connect with friends and family. Social networking is a rapidly growing area for mobile technology. If you have a new app or want to enhance an existing one, consider the social networking opportunities it presents. On mobile devices, you can provide user support for Facebook and Twitter and add to the network by getting users to sign up for email newsletters.

One thing to keep in mind: If you’re developing a social media app for a person who uses their mobile device to connect with others on Facebook, you’re probably going to be a big hit. However, if they only have access to one social network, they may not use your app enough to create significant growth. Create multiple mobile versions of your apps to make it easier for them to take part in the activities you’ve designed.

Navigation – The average user doesn’t have an idea of what navigation they’re looking for when they launch a page. Users go from one page to another using the same language and going from information to information without a lot of thought on their part. Navigation tends to be haphazard. Take a page for the weather and put the current date into your app’s navigation. The reason this works so well is that users will pick up on your language and it should start to establish a relationship between the two pages.

Design Apps

Themes – Themes are a powerful way to help users navigate through the pages of your app. Depending on the overall style of your app, different colours and themes are appropriate. For example, your app might be about local news, but the navigation would be blue and grey.

For each theme, offer interesting choices for the colours, to make sure that the user’s attention is drawn to the appropriate choices. Use interesting colour combinations on the navigation and transitions for more of a visual impact.

Open With – Many of the top apps have this in common. If the app has a visual aspect that can be used to open it up from another application, then the mobile design trends recommend that you use a blue icon or some other design element that lets the user know that it’s for another app. This saves them the effort of learning another application and opens the app up with no learning curve.

Be Fresh – Don’t try to make the new app your current one. The design trends of 2020 recommend that you elegantly integrate existing technologies, which makes the app immediately recognizable as a new app. However, for simplicity’s sake, it’s also best to introduce yourself to the world as a new app, instead of starting from scratch and introducing yourself.

Be Charming – If your application uses animation or other visual elements to open up, then you’ll want to make sure that the animations and effects are fluid and easy to understand. You don’t want to make it too obvious that you’re incorporating a visual element, or you could look as though you’re trying to hide the feature. If you introduce new animations in your design apps, it’s important to make them memorable and useful, but you shouldn’t have to look hard to get them.

Mobile apps have become an essential part of daily life for most people. Whether you are just starting a new business or you are already up and running, having a professional app designed by mobile design experts will provide a great solution for your users.

Mobile design trends for the next five years will require that you think globally about what will work best for your apps. and how to incorporate technology that will help your customers thrive.

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