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Having a flight scheduled to leave from Melbourne International Airport, but just intending to use the terminal parking at either the international or domestic arrivals terminals? During your journey, Parks has identified car parks that provide the finest airport parking amenities. Using Parks to compare car parks near Melbourne Airport is simple and easy.

You may examine all of the various parking choices available at each of the car parks and make your selection for a Melbourne Airport car park from the information provided. Making your parking reservation and payment online makes it simple to reserve and pay for your parking spot.

Furthermore, the parking lots are near to Melbourne Airport, which saves you a significant amount of time, and they are also less expensive, allowing you to save money. You may select between short-term and long-term parking at Melbourne International Airport. When planning your trip, you may use our website to find out which low-cost parking lots are available on the days that you want to go.

Melbourne International Airport:

It was constructed in the 1970s to take the place of Essendon International Airport. Tullamarine is a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, that is adjacent to the M2 highway. The airport serves as a hub for major airlines such as Virgin Australia. It has four terminals, and you can walk to all of them from the station.

Airport Terminal 2 serves as the international terminal, while the remaining terminals serve as the domestic terminals. It takes just 10 minutes to walk from one end of the airport to the other end of the airport. It is Australia’s second-largest airport, behind Sydney, which is the country’s busiest. Disabled access is available at all Australian airports, and they may supply you with wheelchairs and other help if necessary.

airport parking

Melbourne International Airport (MEL) Travel Guide

Our goal is to make your trip through Melbourne Airport as stress-free as possible, which is why we’ve put up this helpful guide to MEL, which covers the most essential aspects of your trip. Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne is the second largest passenger hub in Australia, and this page will tell you all you need to know about it, whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, stopping in to pick up relatives or friends, or just transiting through the airport. Here’s all you need to know about Melbourne International Airport before you go there:

Concerning Melbourne International Airport

Victoria’s main airport, Melbourne Airport (MEL), is often known as Tullamarine Airport informally. It is the major airport servicing the city of Melbourne. In all, there are four terminals at Melbourne International Airport: one international terminal, two domestic terminals, and one budget domestic terminal.

It is the busiest of the four airports that service the Melbourne metropolitan region, and it is the busiest of the international terminals. International terminal 2 links MEL with 43 destinations in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, while domestic terminals 1, 3, and 4 connect MEL with 33 destinations in Australia. The international terminal 2 is located at Melbourne International Airport.

The majority of travelers find Melbourne Airport to be straightforward to navigate through; it is spread out across a single big facility with several floors, and each terminal has clear and readable signage throughout. No curfew exists at Melbourne Airport; it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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The airport is a key hub for Qantas and Virgin Australia:

The busiest periods at the airport are usually in the mornings between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. and in the evenings between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., in accordance with the arrival of the bigger international aircraft into the city. If you travel during these hours, you can anticipate lengthier lines at security and immigration checkpoints.

How do I get to Melbourne International Airport?

While there are many transportation alternatives accessible between Melbourne Airport and the central business district, driving to the terminals is the most expedient method of getting there. Located 23 kilometers from the city center and readily accessible through the Tullamarine Freeway.

Melbourne International Airport is a popular destination for international travelers. It was finished in 2015 that a second major road connection to the airport was built, which extended the M80 Western Ring Road to Melrose Drive, which is 1.5 kilometers from the main terminal area, in order to alleviate traffic congestion.

If you choose to go to the airport by taxi, ridesharing, or public transportation, you should allow yourself a little more time to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time (and without having to sprint to your gate!). Previous travelers have claimed that using the bus to the airport may take twice as long as taking a private vehicle or a taxi, and that the bus service can be inconsistent after 8 p.m., among other things.

You may compare all of the main modes of transportation, including price and travel time, in the table below:

airport parking

Using a Car

The Mount Alexander Road/State Route 60 should be taken from the Melbourne CBD, and then merge onto the ramp towards the Tullamarine Freeway/M2. Then follow the signs for State Route 43/Tullamarine Freeway/Melbourne Airport/Essendon Airport until you reach the airport. Following that, take the Terminal Drive South exit in the direction of Melbourne Airport. When traveling along the Tullamarine Freeway, it’s essential to remember that you may need a City Link pass in order to pay the tolls that are collected. Take Western Ring Road instead if you want to avoid this situation.

Using a Rental Automobile

Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, and Thrifty are among the automobile rental firms that have pick-up and drop-off locations at Melbourne International Airport, as are six other businesses. At Terminal T123 Car Park, their offices are situate on the ground level of the airport, on the ground floor.

Using the Bus

The Sky Bus Super Shuttle provides an express bus service from the airport to Melbourne City, Southbank and Docklands, St Kilda, Frankston and bayside districts, as well as Melbourne’s western and eastern suburbs. The Sky Bus Super Shuttle is operate by the Melbourne Airport Corporation. Tickets start at $19.75 one-way and may be bought both online and at the airport, depending on availability. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the trip.

Bus routes 478, 479, and 482 connect Westfield Airport West to the route 59 tram terminus, whereas route 479 connects Sunbury railway station to trains at Broadmeadows, Epping, Greensborough, and Blackburn. Route 901 connects Broadmeadows and Epping railway stations to trains at Broadmeadows, Epping, and Greensborough. If you want to take use of the public bus system, you will need to buy a Myki card beforehand. The cost of them is $6.00, but the ticket to go to the CBD is just $4.40. It is possible that the trip will take up to two hours.

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There are a variety of parking choices available at Melbourne International Airport, base on your price and prefer location. There are five official car parks at the airport that are own and manage by the airport itself, as well as a variety of off-site parking lots and free public pick-up and wait zones for the general public.

For those traveling to the airport to meet family or friends, you may take advantage of the free At Terminal 1- & 10-minute pick up zones, or pay for parking by the hour at the At Terminal T123 Car Park or the Value Short Stay Car Park, both of which are locate next to the terminal. For those traveling from Melbourne Airport on their own, whether for pleasure or business, there are many long-term parking choices available, ranging from low-cost to premium lots, as well as valet parking and business parking.

The Value Car Park:

which is open seasonally, and the Long-Term Car Park are both good options for those looking for a more affordable alternative. The rates for these parking lots start at $25.00 for 24 hours and go up to $109.00 for a week’s worth of parking.

We suggest that you compare the rates provide by rival off-site parking businesses. Such as the popular Jetaway Airport Parking ($68.00 for one week) and the adjacent Discount Airport Parking ($78.00 for one week), in order to save even more money. You can read more about Melbourne Airport parking rates in our blog, or you can compare costs directly by putting your trip dates into the search box above.

Melbourne Airport parking is available:

If you select long-term parking at Melbourne Airport. You may pick between two airport parking options: shuttle parking and valet parking. Shuttle parking is the most cost-effective alternative. In order to take use of shuttle parking. You must first drive to the site of the car park for self-parking. And then take advantage of the free shuttle bus to Melbourne Airport.

The shuttle bus is comfortable and can accommodate you and your baggage while transporting you to the airport. The benefit of this is that you won’t have to walk very far. Or use public transportation to get to Melbourne International Airport. Please remember to provide the time you anticipate arriving to Melbourne’s car park when making your reservation.

The car park will take your arrival time into consideration. And will ensure that shuttle buses for your airport transfers are available when you arrive at the facility. You will be pick up by a driver from the airport and drive back. To your vehicle once your vacation has conclude. You will be able to continue your trip from the parking lot.

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